Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ethics Follies 2008--Decent's Descent

For the last few months, about 40 people have invested hundreds of rehearsal hours to rehearse a semi-original musical comedy called "Decent's Descent." The musical fulfills the ethics conference mission of the local chapter of The Association of Corporate Counsel. The premiere of the show was on November 6, 2008 at the Empire Theatre. We were pleased that the show was a success on many levels. We got the ethics messages across without being preachy. We raised a substantial amount of money for The Community Justice Program, which provides free legal services to those who can't affford them. As the cherry on top, every single person in the show did their personal best the day of the show.
The Empire Theatre in San Antonio was full of lawyers, accountants, managers, compliance officers and a couple of doctors (in the cast), who were excited to see the alternative to three hours of ethics speeches given at a podium. Ethics awareness helps keep San Antonio ethical in the court room and the board room.
For the next year, I will blog the progress of the Ethics Follies 2009 as we move towards our November 5, 2009 show date. For now, while I'm resting up from the last six months of work, I'll post some photos of the show as they come in and some video, which I hope to receive soon from Fawn Mountain Productions in Austin, Texas.
The Follies cast and crew are coming to my house November 15th for a cast party broohaha. Should be fun.

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