Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Body Solutions Founder Gets Jail Time

Body Solutions' founder, Harry Siskind, "waves" to reporters after being sentenced to 37 months in prison for lying to federal authorities. Like ethics icon Martha Stewart, he isn't going to jail for the crime of which he was first accused. He is going to jail for lying about facts related to the investigation. I still remember the huge San Antonio Spurs flag waiving in multiple spotlights above the Body Solutions building on Hwy 281 and Bitters Road. Local radio and tv were covered with the amateurish explosion logo. The sales of the aloe vera potion were astronomical, with Siskind's ads making dramatic weight loss claims. They couldn't make the stuff fast enough. The ironic thing about the product is that if you take it as directed, you actually do lose weight because you have to take it at night and can't eat anything before going to bed. Nighttime is when most overweight people consume a majority of their calories. Some people lost weight, but not from consuming the ingredients in the bottle. Regardless, the claims were too far reaching and they sparked a federal investigation. Siskind was charged by the FTC for fraud. His company, Mark Nutritionals, Inc., was fined $155 million dollars. U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia gives him the maximum sentence set out in sentencing guidelines... and a $10,000 fine to go with the $155 million he still owes.

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wannaBskinny said...

I had used body solutions for 6 months before they took it off the market and I lost 60 pounds. Pleas bring it back