Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blago the Clown Just Doesn't Get It

Governor Rod Blagojevich just doesn't get it. I think he really believes that he is above the law and ethics. However, he was thrown out of office Thursday without a single lawmaker rising in his defense, ending a nearly two-month crisis that erupted with his arrest on charges he tried to sell Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat.
Blago the Clown is the first U.S. governor in more than 20 years to be removed by impeachment.
After a four-day trial, the Illinois Senate voted 59-0 to convict him of abuse of power, automatically ousting the second-term Democrat. In a second, identical vote, lawmakers further barred Blagojevich from ever holding public office in the state again. The man is the outer limit of ridiculous and has no idea what a public servant does for a living. He had the gross lack of insight to state that he was framed, set up, and that he did nothing wrong. Wow.

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